Monday, 12 March 2012

On Introductions

Hello, Internet!
Ah, but of course we are old friends, are we not?

My name is Neil Faarid and you, poor, unfortunate, lost soul as you are, have stumbled across my blog!
Abandon all hope...

With all the pretense I can muster I claim to be a writer and thanks to the tremendous work of the team at Elsewhen Press, here in the UK, that's apparently true.  My first short story ever-in-the-history-of-the-world-no-really-since-then-yes-ever was published by them in their widely-available anthology of new speculative fiction [RE]Awakenings.  I am, of course, immensely thrilled, humbled, honoured, and the tiniest bit smug.

But, what's that I hear? You've come here to hear about me? Oh you poor, lovesick things. Alright then.

As my bio on Amazon will tell you, I was born in the North of the UK; in a smallish town where the local library supplied me tons of SciFi books for a good long while before anyone noticed how young I was.  I threw in the odd Fantasy for good measure and before long a dedicated fan was born.
English was, as you might imagine, always my favourite subject at school and so I followed that up in University when I took a degree in English and Writing in Leeds.
I graduated from that in 2011 and then I had The Choice to make: go Home, go Somewhere Else, go Elevator.
I went Elevator.
And so here I am now in Oxford... I'm still not quite sure how I ended up here but I am and if you squint as you walk through town and ignore the colleges, then it's not really so bad a place.
As my bio will also tell you I am still unmarried and I still do not have any pets.

And now on to the blog! This place is going to be where I try things out, where I talk to people, where I share stuff about writing or SciFi I found or is just generally somewhere where I can do stupid stuff like this:
<engage pompous voice>
Writing is all about the self, so we must ask: what is in the self that is trying to write, how does it express itself, how does the self view the self, how can writing discuss that and still be about writing too?

I won't be doing that. I may however be doing stuff like this:
<engage less pompous but still slightly pretentious voice>
What advice could anyone give to a budding writer like myself?
Work at it.
Bad writing is awful. 
Publishers don't want it, the public don't want it, you shouldn't want it. 
You and your public deserve better, so try to be as good a writer as you can.

This being the deal: I want to be a writer, I like discussing writing, (I did run the Writing Soc at my Uni,) I like to read good writing.  However, I know that if I don't try, I can't expect anyone else to.  And boy do some people really need to try harder.  
I don't think of myself as a top writer, I do think I'm trying so when I do talk about writing on here, it'll be about improving, it'll be about trying to get it right, and anything I post will go out with the understanding that I'm not perfect and neither is my writing. I'll accept fair criticism. I may also awkwardly accept compliments but here's the thing: I won't pretend everything I churn out is a solid, literary gold brick.

And so I leave my readers and fellow writers with this thought: Are you trying?

Until next time, I was Neil Faarid.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. *waves* welcome to the blogging world. You shall never leave...

    Ahem, I mean... you'll have fun! =P