Saturday, 5 May 2012

On Coming Up with Something in a Rush

Hey folks, 
So I'm on a bit of a rush to just about get something before 12 (ack, didn't quite make it!) so I can just get in with a Friday update.  I don't really have that much to talk about so I may come back to this post and edit it a bit later on.  Watch this space. (Ugh that sounds so cheesy!)

So I've been enjoying reading and stuff lately you might be interested in but I don't really have that much by way of writing to talk about this week.  I've recently fallen for Garrison Keillor's amazing storytelling capabilities, maybe more specifically his radio monologues and scripts but I'm also reading Wobegon Boy.  

Also, I've just finished a book by Chris Wooding which I absolutely loved! The book is Retribution Falls which had great characterisation and a wonderful twisty plot.  One moment you're happy with them, then you're wondering what they're playing at; hating that one then seeing things totally from their point of view.  It's fits nicely into the other-world steampunk fantasy which is heavily stylised towards the ariship/pirates more than inventors, etc.  Anyway it's great and you should go check it out!

Right that's me for now, enjoy life, folks! 


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